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Company Liquidation & Cancellation in Dubai

Fz Business Management Consultancy has been providing highly specialized Liquidation Services in Dubai-UAE, to limited liability companies, free zone companies, and offshore companies.

Company Liquidation Services in Dubai

Fz Business Management Consultancy is providing the best and timely company liquidation services in Dubai. Company Liquidation in Dubai is a process in which a free zone company or LLC company closes all the operations and wind up the company and therefore all the assets are distributed among the creditors and shareholders. The process of winding up a company is known as ‘Liquidation’ or ‘dissolution’.

Company Liquidation in Dubai

Company liquidation in Dubai is a very long process. Closing a company in UAE can be a time consuming and complicated procedure but our experienced and influential liquidators in UAE can simplify all the legal procedures and assist you in the company liquidation process.

Company liquidation in Dubai happens once the company doesn’t have enough funds to sustain the daily tasks and operations, or don’t have enough profit to the touch the break-even Company liquidation is definite once a company commits a criminal offense or a serious offense like fraud and violation of rules and regulations.

Fz Business Management Consultancy gives services for all kinds of company liquidation in Dubai like LLC Company Liquidation, free zone Company Liquidation and all assets and licenses.

Closing a Company in Dubai

The company liquidation process consists of some major steps such as cancellation of all the visas and trade licenses, clearance of all the utility bills, closing down the bank accounts and the preparation of the final audit report. We take responsibility for all the tasks for closing your business in Dubai. Fz Business Management Consultancy is providing quick and timely liquidation services in Dubai.

Cancellation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) License

    • Cancellation of contracts of all the employees of the company.
    • company liquidation services in dubaiThe decision of the director or the board of directors for dissolution.
    • Appointment of a liquidator, authorized by a notary public.
    • Fees paid to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for the issuance of company liquidation certificate.
    • Advertisement of liquidation in 2 local Arabic newspapers for one day and wait for 45 days to check whether any client has a financial claim against the company.
    • Present the original advertising in conjunction with the audit report of the company to the Department of Economic Development (DED).
    • Clearance letter from Ministry of Labour, Etisalat, Immigration, DEWA and visa cancellation of all the partners.
    • Liquidation certificate and copy of Director Board resolution.

Cancellation of Sole Establishment Company

    • Cancellation of contracts of all the workers of the company.
    • Cancellation of Labour establishment Card type from Tas’heel Center.
    • Get seal and licensed signature of the company on the applying and submit at any of the Labour office branches. Labor office can issue their operative by putting a stamp on the application you submitted.
    • Then type license cancellation type of Department of Economic Development, get signature of the owner and submit at DED.
    • Pay fees at the Department of Economic Development for cancellation.
    • Economic Department can issue a file number and take it to the Department of protecting Systems to get clearance from the Police authority. If there are no violations in Police records, they will send a clearance message soon to DED electronically.


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