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Every company in Dubai – UAE has 2 options for handling all legal documentation works either by hiring an in-house PRO as an employee or outsourcing for PRO services with a professional legal consultancy.

PRO Services In Dubai -UAE

Everyone knows that the United Arab Emirates is always full of investors looking to set up their businesses. Foreign investors and international companies are continually searching for an area to invest which is culturally various, have trendy amenities, business-friendly policies.
PRO services in UAE helps in passport clearance, immigration method, applying for a business license, registering a trademark and varied alternative important things. If someone has simply launched their business. They know the value of each passing second. particularly if they need to set up their business in Dubai – UAE. they can hardly waste their time running in and around government offices to finish the required work. this can be the purpose where PRO services are available handy.

What Are The PRO Services?

PRO Services is the professional document clearing services authorized by the

government of the UAE. The government of the UAE provides the professional services some relevant documents that are employed in setting up a business within the UAE.

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There are several legal procedures from the Dubai Economy Development for the registration and setting up a company in Dubai. Our PRO services can speed up the registration process of a company and give our clients peace of mind with our experienced consultants.

Types Of PRO Services

There are three types of formalities that require these services in the UAE.

1. Certificate Verification

Following certificates can be verified through PRO services in Dubai – UAE
Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Birth certificates, Educational certificates, Police clearance certificate, Provisional certificate, and Transfer certificate.

2. Company Liquidation

PRO services can help with the following business-related formalities.
Dissolving a company, liquidating an existing business, Conducting a final audit, Closing a bank account and Terminating a business license.

3. Consultancy

Pro services offer consultation for the following.
Changing a physical address, Renewing a passport, Endorsing a spouse name, Travel documents for servants and changing of the name.
There is a wide range of PRO services can help, it will not only save money but precious time also.

Starting within the field of business in the UAE needs passing through many steps. The primary step is created from legal pro
Only when finishing these legal formalities, a business will be given lawful authorization.
Since completing legal formalities can consume time and precious of the company, PRO services will make sure that these formalities are completed without any error and on time.

Some of the common PRO services in UAE

    • Help with opening a corporate bank account.
    • Visa and passport clearance.
    • Registration of trademark.
    • Applying for immigration and labor cards.
    • Company and branch set up.
    • Applying for a business license.
    • Renewal of a business license.
    • NOC letters.
    • Notarization of all the legal documents.


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