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Visa Services in Dubai – UAE

All visitors entering Dubai need to have a visa, unless they are from one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, in which case a visa is granted to them on arrival.

Visa Services Assistance in UAE

Visa is an official document stamp on your passport, that permits you to enter or keep in a very explicit country for a selected amount of your time. under UAE Law, there are different types of visas accessible. the kind of visa depends on the entry purpose of the visitor. Any visitor coming back to UAE needs a legitimate valid visa. The visa will be either within the form of a visa on arrival or a pre-applied tourist visa relying upon your position or the passport you’re holding. UAE Residence visa is obligatory for all alternative nationalities to get, aside from UAE and GCC National citizens. they’ll get the visa once they present their GCC passport or ID on arrival. If the passenger could be a GCC resident holder, high skilled holders are given preferences.

Types of Visas in Dubai- UAE

  • Employment Visa – permits the foreign national to work for a selected period.
  • Investor / Partner Visa – allows entering or keep in an exceedingly country supported his/her investment.
  • Visit or tourist Visa – permits you to enter for an exact visa services
  • Family or Sponsor Visa – permits sponsoring parents, spouses, and children.
  • Maid Visa – permits the foreign national to work under the sponsorship of the leader.

Documents required to Employment Visa in UAE

  • Offer Letter.
  • Copy of Passport (at least 6 months validity).
  • If inside country Current Visa copy (Visit or Cancelled Visa).
  • Passport size photo with white background.
  • Attested Degree Certificate (Applicable for the higher position).

Documents required to obtain Investor / Partner Visa in UAE

  • Color Copy of Passport (at least 6 months validity)
  • Passport size photo with white background.
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association (for LLC).
  • Trade License Copy.
  • Partners List (for LLC).
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for Professional License).
  • Last six month’s Bank Statement (if the company is old).

Documents required to obtain Visit or Tourist Visa in UAE

  • Color Copy of Passport.
  • Passport size photo with white background.

Documents required to obtain Family or Sponsor Visa in UAE

  • Passport Copies of Wife and children.
  • Original Ejari Certificate & Electricity Bill.
  • One photograph (white background) of each sponsored person.
  • Sponsor’s original passport and Emirates ID.
  • Original Marriage Certificate – attested from UAE Embassy and home country (applicable for spouse).
  • Original Birth Certificate (for child) attested from UAE Embassy in Home Country and Foreign Affairs in UAE.

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  • Six months of Bank Statement.

Documents required to obtain Maid Visa in UAE

  • Passport Copies of Wife and children.
  • One photograph (white background).
  • Original passport of sponsor and spouse (for scanning).
  • Emirates ID of the sponsor.
  • Original attested marriage Certificate of the sponsor.
  • Labor Contract.
  • Original Tenancy Contract consisting of a minimum of two bedrooms.
  • Original Electricity and Water Bill in the name of the applicant or spouse.

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